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Bon voyage

Yesterday was busy even for a Sunday. The next two will be busier still, so I should get used to it. Finance Team went pretty well in the afternoon; I'm thankful for the men God has placed there, but I do have some deep concern about their grasp of finances in the context of a church. We need to be concerned with seeking God's face, being faithful and having faith, shepherding a flock, and identifying the distinctives of our ministry. Glad I ensured that Dave was included—the decisions we may need to make require the pastor's perspective.

New furniture in my apartment: a set of three purple shelves. Yes, purple. But free, so I'm giving them a try for a bit more organization in my bedroom.

Went to Coastal Kitchen yesterday evening for an impromptu farewell dinner for John. He, Grace, Nate, and I had a great time together. Though I'll miss John, I am more excited than sorrowful. He is a good man with a noble path ahead as a resident director at LeTourneau University. We arrived in Seattle at the same time (back when I was a resident director myself), started seminary together, and went on to share a church and Community Group. Seemed only fitting that I be present as things come full circle.

Godspeed, Juancito.
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