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How to waste a day off

Spending this portion of the legendary day off in the Flannel Pants of Ultimate Comfort™. And after lamenting the sex-saturated culture, I've proceeded to watch "reality" dating television. Why? Because I'm an idiot.

(But this one is in Seattle, at a restaurant I've been to many times. Forgivable, no?)

One of my window blinds broke as I stumbled the house in insomniac stupor around 3:30. It now dangles diagonally, and I'm sure there's no way to get it replaced before the weekend. Oh, the hardship of domestic life.

Tasks: laundry, dishes, arranging Sunday volunteers.

Possible diversions: this silly dating show, coffee, reading, and writing at Victrola, a Tennis Pro show at Coffee Messiah this evening, or just stay in and be a lump.


Just be a lump in your flannel pants. It's raining outside and is the perfect opportunity to lump around.

So far, I'm off to a good start.
I'm about an hour away from joining the flannel pant club.

Best club ever.

Welcome to the club!

First order of business: what should I have for (late) dinner?
...quick question - do we have to follow that Robert's rule of order in speaking up?
Yes. Fortunately I have a parliamentary background. I will now entertain a motion for dinner...

I'm going to suggest an ice cream sandwich which is what I had...but go with neapolitan so you can feel like it's two courses, using the vanilla to 'cleanse the palate'.

I'm afraid that, in your absence, my stomach moved to order pizza. There were no objections and the motion carried by general consent.

I do have ice cream in the freezer from Community Group last night, however.
never make these decisions without proper guidance!

Perhaps you need to be given veto powers...
this is making me dizzy
I figured this was the only way to be more complex than last night.

"I move that Diane be available via instant messenger. Is there a second?"
is that the Microsoft one or AIM (I cannot believe I work for Microsoft)
Ladies' choice...whichever you prefer. I'm everywhere.
I think you spell that 'laydeez'. I have AIM, but its not letting me sign on for some reason...