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How to waste a day off

Spending this portion of the legendary day off in the Flannel Pants of Ultimate Comfort™. And after lamenting the sex-saturated culture, I've proceeded to watch "reality" dating television. Why? Because I'm an idiot.

(But this one is in Seattle, at a restaurant I've been to many times. Forgivable, no?)

One of my window blinds broke as I stumbled the house in insomniac stupor around 3:30. It now dangles diagonally, and I'm sure there's no way to get it replaced before the weekend. Oh, the hardship of domestic life.

Tasks: laundry, dishes, arranging Sunday volunteers.

Possible diversions: this silly dating show, coffee, reading, and writing at Victrola, a Tennis Pro show at Coffee Messiah this evening, or just stay in and be a lump.


Aren't those dating shows absolutely fascinating? I usually only watch "Blind Date" for all the silly slogans and hilarious icons at the bottom of the screen that make the most boring couple seem at least a little interesting. But I wonder why they, in general, attract our attention with such force? Hmm...another interesting query about the colorful facets of the American culture... oh well. Have a fun day in your flannel pants.
Maybe I just need silly slogans and hilarious icons at the bottom of my life.