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How to waste a day off

Spending this portion of the legendary day off in the Flannel Pants of Ultimate Comfort™. And after lamenting the sex-saturated culture, I've proceeded to watch "reality" dating television. Why? Because I'm an idiot.

(But this one is in Seattle, at a restaurant I've been to many times. Forgivable, no?)

One of my window blinds broke as I stumbled the house in insomniac stupor around 3:30. It now dangles diagonally, and I'm sure there's no way to get it replaced before the weekend. Oh, the hardship of domestic life.

Tasks: laundry, dishes, arranging Sunday volunteers.

Possible diversions: this silly dating show, coffee, reading, and writing at Victrola, a Tennis Pro show at Coffee Messiah this evening, or just stay in and be a lump.


Diversion: can we have a picture of the flannel pants of ultimate comfort? Fashion show!!
Now you're turning this into another silly dating show. ;)
well, WE woke up this morning,
and the AC had died sometime
yesterday or last night. lucky
for us, we have a major appliance
policy which pays for everything
with a small($35)fee. i had to
get an upper GI this morning, so
we were running around in circles
for a few minutes there. it's running
now after a part replacement.

whew! 12:34 PM 92° (outside temp)

Yeesh. Glad it's back up and running.


me too!
have a great weekend!
Aren't those dating shows absolutely fascinating? I usually only watch "Blind Date" for all the silly slogans and hilarious icons at the bottom of the screen that make the most boring couple seem at least a little interesting. But I wonder why they, in general, attract our attention with such force? Hmm...another interesting query about the colorful facets of the American culture... oh well. Have a fun day in your flannel pants.
Maybe I just need silly slogans and hilarious icons at the bottom of my life.
Just be a lump in your flannel pants. It's raining outside and is the perfect opportunity to lump around.

So far, I'm off to a good start.
Never disrespect Blind Date. It builds my self-esteem.
I'd watch a Dondlion episode of Blind Date.
Before I read this one ... let it be known that I'm terribly curious to see what brings you 42 comments!!
Seems like dating shows and flannel pants are the key to commentary...
I want to live in Seattle! I'm a coffee addict and I followed the Victrola and Café Messiah links. Wish I could be there.. [sigh].

At least I have my flannel pants. Woohoo!


Most of my journal is written from Victrola. Sorry you aren't here (yet), but flannel pants are a start!