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LiveJournal observations and techno-administrative frustrations

Yes, I did that LJ Match thing. No, I will not be posting the results.

Sometimes I read the grossest stuff on LiveJournal. Ew. There's a difference between censorship and restraint: the former can be oppressive, but the latter (if more people exercised it) could be a blessing. Just because one can think/write/post something doesn't mean it's good to do so. Then again, these are journals and I make the choice to read them.

But...ew. Yuck.

Today has pretty much locked in a seven-day work week this week. One of my first delegated tasks, the layout of our weekly Order of Worship, came back remarkably well done for a first time. "Remarkably well done," however, still took me the entire morning to fix. Delegation is always an investment of time, energy, and patience with the hope of a greater return. I often balk at the initial cost.

The machines are also rebelling. My PowerBook got testy and required a directory rebuild for the hard drive to mount (I just like how geeky that sounded). The copier's oh-so-cool saddle stitcher refused to recognize that I had reloaded the staple cartridges. And let's face it, I just plain don't like the phone.

So odds are I'll be in tomorrow and Saturday to catch up and prepare for Sunday's Finance Team meeting. When a committee has lain dormant for six months, bringing it back up to speed requires a lot more effort. Areas I've neglected just exacerbate the situation and devour my margin. Glad my week is structured with cushion at the end, for just such an occasion.

Dinner with Nate soon and Community Group after that. I'm tired but able to accept the necessity of finishing the race this week.
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