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Geek out

Among other things, I've been geeking out tonight. Watched Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and was bit surprised at how little I remember. On second thought, I shouldn't be—wasn't in the best state of mind and heart when I saw it over a year ago.

My internal battery just isn't recharging. I think I'm getting in the way.


getting in the way of yourself?
i've done that.
it's not easy to wake yourself
from that dream.

Attack of the Clones: A quick recap.

Anakin: Wow Padme, you're hot.

Padme: Eww. You're gross.

Anakin: I have to protect you.

Padme: Whatever, loser.

...later on...

Anakin: Argh, my Mom is gone. Argh!

Padme: Do me Anakin!


Re: Attack of the Clones: A quick recap.


Ha ha ha! Thanks :)
There's also the fact that Ep II just isn't a very memorable movie.

I find it's much more watchable if you just use the chapter select to skip the parts with Anikan and Padme.
Note to self: buy DVD player someday.
What, Macs dont have DVD players? Do we PC users finally have reason to gloat? ;)
Oh, I've got one on the computer. But having one with remote control...that's something else entirely!