Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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A stand-up guy

Abi stopped by with her friend Lily tonight. Wasn't expecting her, except in a general "expecting her sometime" sense (I knew she'd just drop by and knock on my window). They were looking for me at the USE show last night, but I was too busy laying low and being introverted, thus inadvertently standing them up. Having attractive young women seek you out at shows does build the mystique, however.

Fun to catch up, though I alternately wish I'd had more solitude and quiet. Don't know that I can ever get enough anymore. Everything overwhelms and nothing connects. I'm OK, functional, but I don't have a lot of capacity. I'm sure that makes no sense outside of my head.

So they stayed late and I'm just beginning to wind down. Had hoped to get a jump start on the day tomorrow, but I'll just see when I wake up. Long day at the office anyway (until 21:00) so I'll need whatever rest tonight brings. Oh, and I may be experiencing the beginnings of a headache, a rarity for me.

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