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Shaken, not stirred

Tomorrow is my day off. Almost don't even know how to handle that.

PowerBook returned. To Dave's surprise, I didn't open it right away. Explained that, now that I've shelled out enought to have purchased a new one, it's a bit like a couple after a fight, sleeping on our own sides of the bed. Now that some time has passed, I have it up and running for the evening.

That's really pathetic.

Lots of heaviness and sorrow at Community Group tonight, John's last with us. Not all about John; many of our lives seem to have been thrown into a cosmic shaker, knocking us around and cutting off our air. We spent some time with Psalm 40, and I hope we can cling to it. Some good insights, but my brain can't pull them up now.

I'm too wiped to even analogize well. Imagine trying to talk with me.

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