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The moon is shining brightly in my window. I love that.

Resumed Enterprise night with taci and Connor (and Olympia hot pepperoni pizza); Sara arrived after it ended and stayed to watch the end of Austin Powers with Connor and me. There's a lot I like about Connor and Sara's relationship. I'm blessed with these friendships.

Sometimes, though, I still just can't seem to understand people. Am I trying too hard or not hard enough? There are times when neither seems to get me much of anywhere. Don't know what to listen to, what to trust. It's difficult for me.


Warning: Early morning deep thought

Are we supposed to understand people or is that God's job?

Re: Warning: Early morning deep thought

Hadn't considered it an either/or proposition. Do you? As a librarian, how do you think literature and reading would be affected if we decided not to seek to understand others? How many journals would you read?

Maybe this thought is just another thing on the list of things I don't understand.

O divine Master grant that I may not so much seek...to be understood as to understand...

–Francis of Assisi

Re: Warning: Early morning deep thought

Let me clarify. I do try to understand others. However, I believe that we are only fully known/understood by God.

Re: Warning: Early morning deep thought

Oh, I agree with you there. It's the trying that isn't working well for me. Perhaps I was unclear.