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OSQ: High

Today has had a higher-than-average Objective Suckitude Quotient (OSQ). Here's why:
  • My PowerBook is totalled. Repairs will cost in the ballpark of $800, and I've only owned it just over a month. Kyle at PowerBookResQ knocked off $50 out of sheer pity. If pity could be easily converted into currency, I'd have already made myself a rich man.
  • I'm stalling on a couple of meetings that people are trying to set up. My rationale is a bit complex—in a nutshell, I know too much, resulting in being able to see how future dominoes may tip, causing said meetings to be largely or wholly irrelevant. Having a low tolerance for the unnecessary, I'd prefer to keep said meetings from occurring until I'm sure they'll be worthwhile. But I can't tell the others what's on my mind, because they don't (yet) know what's up. Variation on a thematic dilemma of being me.
  • It's 14:30 and I've gotten little work accomplished. Staff meetings on Wednesdays knock the wind out of the day. I'd be a smarter man to just figure on that.
  • Woke up later than I should have, so I haven't enjoyed the devotional time I need to be centered and charged.
Good news is:
  • The work day is passing, whether I get things done or not.
  • My PowerBook will be back in my hands tomorrow, regardless of what I had to pay.
  • God loves me, despite myself and with no requirement beyond Christ's blood. The fact that I genuinely miss time with Him speaks of His grace.
  • My life and work are pretty frickin' cool, even if they can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

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