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Seeking and finding

". . . seek, and you will find . . . ." Get to work–narrow your focus and interests to this one thing. Have you ever sought God with your whole heart, or have you simply given Him a feeble cry after some emotionally painful experience? ". . . seek, [focus,] and you will find . . . ."

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (10 June, "And After That What’s Next To Do?")

Misty rain this morning. I appreciate the darkness and the cool. God's being gentle with me.

Trying to pray more. Improvement isn't difficult when the current standard has honestly been "hardly at all." I'm motivated by need, not guilt—while the distinction is subtle, it's important. Needing God and knowing it is a grace from Him.

Just drank a gingerbread latté at Victrola. Jen suggested it, saying, "it tastes like a liquid cookie." She's right—yum. It's her birthday today, I just learned. Must wish her a good one before I leave. Been terribly belated on such things lately. Relationships often take more work than I naturally put in.

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