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"I've been dead once already. It's very liberating."

Batman is on; the movie has an odd little place in my odd little life.

Load of laundry is done, bread is baking, and I'm trying yet again to get the Sunday ducks in a row. Have a tendency to paint myself into a corner, then I get jumbled and have trouble organizing and prioritizing. One of the reasons I prefer crisis: I always know what to do when.


The dying is hard tho' but wonderful when it's over.
Old Adam West Batman or New Skool Batman? I love the Adam West Batman when he is running around with that huge bomb trying to get rid of it but everywhere he turns to throw it something is there...such as a parade, a mom with her baby, a group of baby ducks in the water with their mom, and my favorite the teenagers making out in the boat....ahh Batman what would I do without thee?
This is the 1989 Batman; I grew up loving Adam West's version. That's part of what makes it interesting...
Ahh...Well, That Batman is freakin' cool as well. Not as funny though you have to admit. I like the second one also but after that they just went downhill...although I still thought they were entertaining.
What kind of bread?
Honey wheat berry


mmmmmm save me a slice.