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Dinners, deals, and dreams

Apparently there are dreams I won't allow myself. On warm nights I toss and turn more than normal, and this morning I began to dream of reading a letter. Just as I started to read, my vision blurred and I pulled myself awake. Either it wasn't time or I wasn't ready.

Thursday was dinner at the Millers with a few people from Community Group. We met to discuss the possibilities for mulltiplying our group, since intimacy, connection, and care can be difficult at the size to which we've grown. Exciting to talk, pray, and dream about what God has done, is doing, and might do.

After wasting yesterday morning on a fool's errand to The Mac Store for the repair of my PowerBook (even though the manager told me Thursday that their repair department could handle screen issues, the department themselves informed me that they would have to send those kinds of problems to Apple for repair), spent the afternoon with my B-Side partners, talking about future directions and meeting with a prospective artist.

Discussing details of a deal at The Bad Juju over whiskey sours to the background music of "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Paradise City": Priceless.

Bon voyage dinner for expressedinword at the Hopvine last night with taci. Was terribly tired, but the company and food were good. Saw an old colleague there as we ate, and it was healing to hear another perspective on the disasters that followed the Year of Hell and my departure. Good to know not everything was my fault.

Tonight is our monthly Community Group potluck, at Annette's. Not sure what to bring; maybe bread? Looking forward to hearing Heather's story. Hope I can put the restless things inside me aside for the time.

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