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For immediate release

B-Side Records
PO Box 95008
Seattle, WA 98145-2008

Candy-green 12-inch proves sweet on Seattle

SEATTLE–You can quit licking that 12-volt battery. Local dance, rock and electronica band United State of Electronica has put forth its long-awaited first release on vinyl, a recording that manages to bottle the frenetic groove energy of their live show. The 12-inch single on B-Side Records also further hypes the recent and storied emergence of Seattle’s newest rock revolution and international export–happy indie rock.

“I felt as if I were peaking on E,” said The Stranger writer Dave Segal in a recent review of a U.S.E. live show, also describing the band as a “fusion of Daft Punk’s buoyant boogie and Prince’s catchy electro-pop.”

The record, which includes flip-side remixes by local spin masters Bobby Karate and DJ Trip features two crowd favorites in "Emerald City" and "Vamos a la Playa" (translation: Let’s Go to the Beach; which includes a fist-pumping roll call of Seattle’s various beaches). The thumping positive-energy overtures have become anthems in local clubs.

“This is a party record,” said B-Side Records VP Phillip Peterson. “This is a dance floor record. All energy, no wasted time.” Peterson noted that you only have to look as far as the grinning, booty-shaking masses at a U.S.E. show to realize that people are tired of going to the clubs to hang their heads to the sounds of “sad, important indie rock,” as he put it. “Happy is the new sad,” he added, echoing a catchphrase born in the war room of the burgeoning label and often attributed to other B-Side bands.

Join U.S.E. at their record release party Saturday, June 14 at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. For more information, go to

The collectible green U.S.E. vinyl is available in “Minty Fresh” and “Jolly Rancher” editions, and is available at Sonic Boom, Easy Street, Cellophane Square, Zion’s Gate, Bop Street, and other retail locations, or can be ordered online at . For more information, contact B-Side Records at

About B-Side Records
B-Side is an independent record label with offices in Seattle and New York City. Visit for more information.

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