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Sparkling caterpillar stories

By yesterday, my mood was seriously fouled, largely due to technical difficulties. My evening out Wednesday had also left me seriously depleted, as Ann is one of my friends who requires a great deal of energy from me, even when I am enjoying myself. So work was a struggle, and if I had a private office, you can bet the door would have been closed and locked with all the shades drawn and the phone ringer turned off (actually, that would have made my day a lot better).

In the midst, as can often be the case, something sparkled. Michelle came by with her little daughter, Hannah, looking for Don (who'd left fifteen minutes or so prior). When I asked them what they had been doing, Hannah told me shyly, in a voice filled with wonder and joy, how she had found a caterpillar while walking on the Seattle University campus, how it had crawled on her arm and tickled, and how she set it free on a leaf. I couldn't help but smile. I'm smiling now.

Let me tell you a secret, Hannah: I found a few caterpillars there, too.


caterpillars are the best.
Thank you for the smile :)
You're welcome. :)
Kids know where it's at. ;)
Nothing quite like letting a kid stop and take you aside to discover something.
"Letting" is the key– everything in me didn't want to slow down and pay attention, but I was blessed despite myself.
It's funny how, more often than not, I hate the children I come in contact with. They're usually more poorly behaved than their idiot parents. I feel bad for these kids, but that's about it. NOw and then though, you come in contact with a child who is how they should be, full of laughter and wonder and joy. A kid who is truly excited to be alive is hard not to love. They remind you how wonderful life is, how many miracles are in front of you every day if you were just to notice them.
I can be the same way, and I realize a lot of that is about me. It was hard for me to shift gears, be cheery, and really listen to little Hannah while I had a million things to do. I'm glad I did.


it's true, even cool kids can seem annoying if you don't adjust your attitude