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Mats for clowns

So I keep seeing people walking around with little rolled-up mats. Since I don’t think they’re all homeless or going on a camping trip, what’s the deal? Do they just like to take naps?


yoga mats?


Ah, some health thing. That's why I wouldn't understand.


LOL. :)


Same with the running. I keep seeing people running down the sidewalk. I look and look, and nothing is chasing any of them...
Now, that made me smile. :-D
I'm guilty of being a mat-carrier. Yoga classes at the IMA are mostly in the afternoon/evening.


Rock on. Thanks!
Maybe they are muslim. Prayer mats.
I'm a Christian and i have a prayer mat!

ok... so i don't have a prayer mat.. yet.
You know, I think that's a great idea. Think of how much better things would be if we could all take a nap in the afternoon, along with some cookies and a glass of milk? Quality.

All about the sleep

I am all about the afternoon nap. Seems to me, though, that they do things backwards... since kindergarteners don't like to nap, they should let them stay up all day, and let teens in high school and college sleep "en la tarde" instead!! Woohoo, all for it, say "amen!"
I think that, at this moment, I'm going to choose to believe that they've each just been told, "take up your mat and walk."