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Wanted (every once in a while)

The days are better than I have any right to, productive and occasionally proactive. Feel grounded and effective, all by grace alone.

Jeff from Maryland called yesterday. Our conversation was cut short, and I’m starting to suspect he’s feeling me out to possibly return and join him on campus ministry staff. Love my Seattle and my life, yet it’d be good to work on campus again, and there are a couple of loose ends I could tie up there. Chances I would consider it are a maximum of 20%; it’s just good to be (possibly) wanted.

Connor just backed out of Enterprise tonight. What is it about me and getting stood up? Monday night’s Ministry Community Meeting was also lightly attended. Isn’t a pattern I much enjoy. I’m blessed with friends, but I think I’m fairly low priority for most. Great people to know, just not to count on. Used to it, mostly.

LiveJournal is seriously sucking, and there's apparently little percieved need to explain on the part of the administrators. This is why I don't pay these people. They would get along well with some of my friends.

Something is missing.


Only 20%?

*big doe eyes*

I have no one to see Matrix with, and I know many nice live music venues.
Oh, it's a good thing I can't see the doe eyes. I am a weak, weak man.
I've been going through that flaking friends thing lately. It sucks. But I do have a couple of good friends around lately. I tend to exaggerate my abandonment.
Exaggeration is a friend I can always rely on.

i hear you

a year and a half ago....
i'm in a church plant with my circle of friends who are all engaged, married, most just starting the "journey with children."

so everyone's excited about moving out of the pastor's home and into a church...

over the next few weeks....a lot of them didn't show
and when they did.. it certiantly wasn't at the 9am setup time we had decided on..
at the time i was worship leader and had a van..
so most sunday's it was me setting up all by myself..
i HATED church.. it was another work day..
i was stressed and not having fun...

where did everyone go? what the heck?
i thought we were all psyched..
i thought i wouldn't have this problem with 'friends'

i guess i'm still hurt.. but God's showing me who i was..
how selfish and broken i still am..
and how pride creeps up on you...

we've added a few more people to the church...
and it's been about 3 months since everything came to a head.
my hero's have changed...
the people that impress me now are the people with responsibility.
the people that do things day in/day out with no fanfare..

well.. i'm neglecting work stuff.. so i must go...

Re: i hear you

Church plants can be an especially ripe breeding ground for this kind of thing, I think (we're a five-year-old plant). We have the choice between believing God is with us or believing we're all alone all the time.