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Papa's got a brand new bag

Saw The Matrix Reloaded this morning with Heather, Seth & Shannon, Kevin & Vanessa, and Nathaniel & Jamie. Nate was a no-show, which is odd (and made me thankful I’d not planned to rely on him for a ride). Good conversation with Heather before and after; there are places I’m blessed to share common ground with her, though I experienced my usual disconnects as well. Enjoyed the movie on the whole, yet I have some serious core critiques, largely philosophical and theological. I’ll refrain from specifics just now to avoid spoiling the film for those who haven’t yet seen it; it was simply a shining example of how terribly confused we are about the nature of fear, sex, love, and sacrifice. The matrix has us all.

Some office time in the afternoon, and as I left, happened upon a garage sale. Picked up a new bag for $10: brown leather, larger than my last, with ample compartments and buckles that are really buckles (instead of covers for latches or snaps, which is just cheesy in comparison). Already put it to good use, and it already feels comfortable. Perhaps it was waiting for me.

Also some good potential stuff coming down the pipeline for B-Side Records. Sounds like a great time to be us.

Even with its flaws, The Matrix Reloaded did serve as a reminder of the responsibility we have to our callings. There are far too many ways I have neglected mine, and I pray He who calls me will strengthen me to do better.

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