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Bits of the day off

A good day off, as days off go. Walked through the conservatory, then spent some time at the cemetary, something I haven’t done in ages. So many stories, so much history, so very quiet. Seemed like the right place for me to be as I continue to reflect on the past year. My thoughts haven’t yet become cohesive enough to write.

Got the ball rolling with booking a Tennis Pro show for next week. It’ll be alongside an art exhibit with a couple of DJs and another band that sounds fun for the boys to play with. More details as things firm up.

Turns out one of last week’s stand-ups was a misunderstanding on my part, which means lasagna will be delivered tomorrow night for Enterprise and Angel with taci, Connor, and Sara. Feel silly for getting the date wrong, but glad it’s happening nonetheless.

One of the other stand-ups was a bit stranger, ending in an e-mail I’m not sure how to take. Concerned a bit, but not feeling led to do much beyond letting it go. Sometimes life is like that. Sometimes it’s not.
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