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Long day

Church most of the day, with a two-hour break from 15:30 to 17:30. That many hours could have been overwhelming, but yet again, God met me in the midst. Worship was honest and meaningful, the message was penetrating, coordination went smoothly, the congregational meeting was as hard as was necessary yet marked with grace, prayer meeting was better attended and blessed me through praying with godly people I didn’t know too well.

Theology 101: There’s a God in the universe, and I’m not Him. When I blur that line, for whatever reason, I’m a danger to myself and I’m a danger to others. That’s sin.

Flicked on the television a few times today: snippets of Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers (I’ve missed B5), Monsters, Inc. (haven’t seen it, missed the first few minutes, and decided I’d rather watch it when I’m in that settled-in-for-a-movie mood), and I Love the 80s: 1987. The lattermost cracks me up not only for the sake of nostalgia, but also in the phenomenon of hearing the “nostalgia” of those a decade or more younger than myself. Not that it’s invalid; just that the recollections of someone who hadn’t hit the double digits by that year are as different from mine as the proverbial apple and orange. But, again telling the truth (that’s a good thing, remember?), my 1987 was pretty different than most everyone’s anyway.

The television is back off now, peacefully so. I need fewer faces, fewer voices, and less advertising. Had a couple of business ideas today; one was a grocery store designed with peace in mind: no magazines and snacks assaulting customers at the check-out, softer lighting and muted colors, perhaps classical music, and for the love of sanity, no balloons whatsoever (I misspelled “balloon” in the sixth grade spelling bee, and I almost just did it again). Seems hip to heap blame on the deteriorating culture and greedy corporations for the way things are, but the fact is, I have the remote control. Salt and light.

Still longing, but assured. Reminded of who I am and called to who I am to be. Peace doesn’t come from closing out all the open items on life’s agenda, else it would never come at all. Can I live in the tension and let God dominate my imagination? That’s faith.

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