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Notes from the fog

My kitchen sink is broken, a leaking drainpipe spilling onto the floor. I feel like a character from Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron", something internal short circuit keeping me from focusing at all. Thankfully I was able muster the brainpower earlier today to file the church's federal payroll taxes, state insurance, and B-Side's state taxes. That'll have to do.

Expecting taci, Connor, and Sara for Enterprise and Angel, our first gathering since Lent. The Eastlake Community Group asked if they could drop by dinner tonight, so that will be fun to share with them. Interesting to see what happens when people decide to be deliberate about love.

Hope to have clearer thoughts later. I really do.


Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron"

I liked the movie that was produced by...um... Showtime, I think it was. Of course, that's partially because I'm a Sean Astin fangirl, but nevertheless, it was interesting.

Still, I would imagine it's something of a sucky way to feel, personally. O.o ::HUGS::
For your reading pleasure, Harrison Bergeron, officially my favorite short story. I didn't know that a movie had been made. Thanks for the nugget of knowledge; I'm curious about how that story would transfer to film. (And Sean Astin rocks!!)
"Interesting to see what happens when people decide to be deliberate about love."

food for thought here