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Wrapping up Saturday (though not with a bow)

Only just now settling in for dinner. Trying pizza from Palermo's, a new place down the street. So far, so good. Should have ordered the garlic crust, but forgot about the option when I ordered.

In order to combat my hubris for conquering electricity, God saw fit to let me absent-mindedly lock myself out of the office. The solution required a trip to Phil's in North Seattle with Nate. The bonus was hearing a new Mikko Mikko remix, as well as a sarcastic little ditty Phil recorded in honor of our church's current drama. The man is a genius, and Mikko is going to explode when we release her CD. Getting her here from Japan will be trickier.

Since Nate had to take me on the detour to Phil's, he wasn't able to help me finish the Order of Worship. No biggie; it has been a while since I had to do it on my own, and all it cost was part of my margin of time. We also took the scenic route from Phil's to the office, which allowed Nate to show me the house where he grew up in Ravenna. An honor.

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