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Restless rest

Spent the night in, garbed in the Flannel Pants of Ultimate Comfort and eating leftover pizza and a Lean Pocket. Bachelorhood must occasionally be celebrated. Also got to listen to the new Radiohead album, Hail to the Thief, on the radio. Seattle has its privileges. In the midst, jotted a couple of e-mails out to friends in campus ministry (in Iowa and Maryland). Staying in touch is something I seem to do only in spurts; my inbox is often a source of guilt.

Restless, though. Lots of causes to be reflective, as if the season itself weren't enough. Usually the same thoughts, or variations on the theme. Are we all like this, always, or only some of us, for a time? I don't want to get lost in a smaller story. Somewhere inside, I don't think that it is.

Sometimes, when something is true, the trick is learning how it is true.
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