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To the limit

Too busy. Short fuse. Deep concern. Broken copier. Mexican lunch. Cover design.

That's my day so far. Maundy Thursday service tonight, so have to run. More later, if I have any energy and brain left later.

For lifeofbrian: fhqwhgads.


everybody to the limit.
Come on, fhqwhgads....
the cheat is to the limit
Everybody, come on, fhqwhgads....
Who's always giving strongbad a hand? THE CHEAT. THE CHEAT.
the cheat is not dead, the cheat is not dead.
(Agh, you beat me to it!!)
Come on, fhqwhgads...You're just making yourself look stupid. Everybody thinks so. I know I do.


Just the claps now!
>everybody to the limit.

highly amusing.