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Ooby Dooby

Today felt long, though I know others' have likely felt longer. Pagliacci's Extra Pepperoni is on the way to end my hunger and comfort my sporadic frazzledness. Should have eaten sooner, and better. Haven't had much in the way of pizza since I began my break from television, however— the two always seemed to go together. Wishing I had beer on hand, but feeling too lazy to walk the two blocks to get some. The two liter of Coke accompanying my pizza will have to do.

Listening to "Ooby Dooby" on repeat because it makes me happy.

Considering buying Jim's titanium PowerBook (G4, 400 MHz) for $850. Haven't researched a ton yet, but doesn't seem like a bad deal thus far. May haggle a bit, and seek a good home for my trusty iBook.

Exploded into a mini-tirade on Dave because of yet another failure in leadership (not his). Why do people fail to grasp the weight of their responsibility, fail to see the dominoes lines up before them? Perhaps my standards are only possible for me (and not even that).

No, not even that. Where does grace come in?

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