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Pretty beautiful

Now that I've let loose a bit of vitriol, a lunchtime walk reminded me of some of the beautiful things in my life.
  • Looking out over the bay to the Olympics rising majestically in the distance.
  • Walking the streets near my apartment, lined with trees and flowers of all kinds, all in bloom.
  • Eating a warm, old-fashioned grinder with an oatmeal raisin cookie and Coke from a glass bottle at Zootie's.
  • Having friends who really know me.
  • Being alive (this is the one I have the most trouble believing sometimes).
There are small things I have to do, to remember, like smelling flowers at the florist next to the stoplight while the light is red instead of being impatient and cursing the noise and pushiness of the traffic. I'd be a liar to claim I feel peaceful, but the small steps lead more in that direction.

(Then I look down at the pile of receipts in the tray on my desk, and it dawns on me unbidden when I stopped entering them, and why. I never even realized. While my peace has been purchased and assured, it is many, many steps away...)
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