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Life carries on and on and on and on

Sometimes it seems like it would be easier for you if you could just speak in poetry all the time. And sometimes I think you already do that, and we just haven't caught on yet.

—A friend from LiveJournal, via IM

Maybe. I'm honored in any case.

Whenever I logon with Phoenix, I receive a message from LiveJournal saying my password is too easy to guess. This program has no appreciation for irony.

Some good down time after work and worship today. Needed it— was so tired afterward that I fairly trudged homeward, taking much longer than normal. A nap helped, and devotional time, dinner, and a talk with a friend met many of my needs. I'm a simple man in a complicated life.

Added some to my Haunting playlist over this weekend. It's coming in at nearly two hours and forty-five minutes now. Wonder why I feel compelled to mention it, then my experience as a teaching assistant for Sociology of Rock and Roll comes to bear: I'm using the music to try to order my life. Makes sense— this morning I caught myself punching years into the pocket calculator and trying to recall them. Perhaps I will share the list sometime.

Must admit some dread for the week to come. Just seems like too much in too little time.

But I'm afraid of the future
I'm afraid you won't see

—Mike + The Mechanics, "You Are the One"

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