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Overfull and empty

Tonight was the second night in a row that I declined a good social opportunity because of the obligations of the day ahead. Last night was a great show in Bellingham, tonight was dinner with the Pulpit Committee. Hard to say no and discern between good and best, especially when I use my time poorly. Life with limits, I'm reminded.

Helped teach our church's seminar for prospective members today. Everyone who registered showed, a rarity with anything like this. They've been waiting a long time, too long. Phil in particular was surprised by my teaching style— "you were on it!" I do miss teaching, and leading. They're part of who I am. Wonder how those gifts will be used in the time to come.

Exhausted, on every level I can think of. Empty, and my devotional life has been poor. What kind of fool lets himself become disconnected from his Strength and distant from his First Love? This kind, apparently. So thankful that His grace depends on me in no way.

One of my poems has attracted an odd bit of attention elsewhere. The water is deeper than it appears. Maybe I'm just looking for trouble.

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