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Make her stop, before I kill her

Never thought I'd need caller ID. But I do. Bad.


Knock, knock, knock....

Okay, tell her someone's knocking rather insistently and you have to go check and see what they want....
I hate it when that happens. :/

Can I help?

I know ninjas.
No ninjas required. Besides, I know Chris the Ninja Pirate


Ha ha ha!
Have a stalker?
Not yet– just an acquaintance who called about nothing when I wasn't in the mood to listen about nothing.
who is this chick? I'm the only one allowed to stalk you!
She's an attender at my church. I think my role on staff projects an image of accessibility that I'd like to be better able to regulate from my end. How's that for diplomatic?

As a free user, I think I am allowed up to three stalkers.

And this is the first use of the new Kukalaka icon. He's the best. Thank you.