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Sick and tired of the silliest things, which is a pretty reliable sign that they aren't what's bothering me at all. I lack the opportunity to deal with some problems, and the courage to face others. The answer to both lies in prayer. The truth is, I'm angry, and it's bleeding everywhere, though I'm trying to contain it. I have no right to this anger. I have no right to anything.

Got a nap after work, which was nice. About to forage for a meal here in my home and spend an evening in solitude. Al Jarreau is keeping me musical company for the moment. Used to joke that while Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, the left must be reserved for Al.

It's snowing in April (though not here). That always gets my attention.


Don't you hate those lingering negativities that you can't name? It feels like a waste of life to allow yourself to feel that way - as though you have any control over it! ::sighs::