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A question of the ages

Does anyone know how to fold a fitted sheet? Because I don't.


Just do what I do: roll it up into a ball and put it behind a door or somewhere.
In my case, that would just mean putting it back where it was.
There is no such thing. You just have to resign yourself to making a lot of wrinkles.
Oh. Then I'm done. Excellent. :)

taking your question literally

It's not a perfect system and I don't know if I can explain it well, but...
Fold it so that the fitted parts fit into each other... first in half and then in half again. That puts all your fitted corners together. Lay the whole thing down with the fitted corners to the top left, then fold it down one third of the way, and then fold up the bottom to meet with the crease of that fold (that's the part that I'm not sure makes sense). Then fold it in half from the left side to the right (or vice versa, doesn't really matter). From there you can continue to fold it neatly as small as you like, or you can roll it into a handy tube like I do!

Re: taking your question literally

Tube. Definitely tube.

Re: taking your question literally

Yeah, that's best :)

i do!

i do but it is kinda hard to explain...you basically put your hands in the corners and clap them together and do it ont he other side. Tehn pull the four corners together and it is adn strange trapazoid shape, You fold in half longwise then fodl in thirds....see you have no idea what i just said, but I do fodl mine neatly, i think it is a birth defect hehehe

Re: i do!

Ended up with a triangular thing when I tried. Seeing as I had nothing else folded triangularly, I declared failure.

Re: i do!

see you have to tuck the triangle in and then make it a rectangle....practice it will come grasshopper
That's not a fair question. It's like asking someone how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop ("ah one....ah two...ah three *crunch). The world will never know...