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Not dragging as much as I feared I might today. My apparent reduction in the need for sleep couldn't have come at a better time. Which may be why it happened again.

Haven't written a media review in ages, and I don't think I'm ready to begin again just yet, but I have to say again that Tennis Pro, The Catch, and USE rocked amazingly hard last night. Not just the music, either— the whole vibe. Beyond just having a good time, it put a ton of happy ideas in my head. Everything seems to come back around eventually.

The ghost I mentioned a week or so ago reappeared last night. Every time. Every single time. Uncanny and unsurprising. Run toward or run away? As with other things, my current mode is simply to stand. Again, everything seems to come back around eventually.

While a ghost appeared last night, Jennifer did not. A bit disappointing, but I haven't followed up and don't have much ego investment in the whole deal. We'll just see.

Another voice mail message vanished into the ether this morning, since lingering in my voice mailbox "the maximum time allowed." Honestly, I don't like letting them disappear. The woman in my voice mailbox doesn't give me a choice.

No Community Group tonight because we've a potluck on Saturday night. A bit of margin will be welcome. May go see the last Sole Moxie show at the Central, but only if I'm really feeling up for it. Have enough commitments.

Time to go to lunch.

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