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Overhead, a plane
with twin propellers cuts
a sky of slate clouds
on tilted wings,

reminding me of simpler
times, or those
I might imagine.

Sometimes progress
is a weapon
of mass destruction.


Has anyone told you lately that you have a gift for poetry? It's your best writing style.
Wow, thank you– and here I thought my best styles were aimless theological meandering and self-involved brooding. ;)
it seems lj ate my last comment but if it pops up later, sorry for the double.
This in my humble opinion is your best poem yet. Or the best that I've read. It's very vivid.
Still blushing from this.


I think I like to make you blush, and you need to get used to the compliments because you're going to continue hearing them in the future. Your poems are really good... and now that I've read Inconsolible these two are neck in neck.

I noticed that you friended me, so I'm friending you back. I'm glad I did...this poem rocked my socks. Solid stuff.


PS Check out the live journal cantoruschristi. Its all Christian poetry and writing.


Groovy. Added you because you friended a community I moderate, the joshuaproject. Feel free to join up with us as well. And thanks so much for the compliment-- it means a lot!