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Mood uncooperative

A fine day, objectively, but my mood won't cooperate. It wants to be sad, or angry, or both; to make small things out of big things and big things out of small. It tells me terrible things about myself and my life, needling me with insecurity and regret.

But none of that is the truth. Oh, no.

"Grace on Tap" tonight at Conor Byrne. Doesn't take a therapist's insight to tell that I'm not in the mood. There are times to gut it out, and a pint or two in a dark room with live music is hardly the worst way to do so. Julie Lowry is playing again; the last time she played, was in a similar mood and wrote "Inconsolable". Funny how things work.

It'd be easier to get lost in the smaller story and trade it for the bigger one. Safer, too. Don't.


You're doing it the CS Lewis approved way. He said that if your spirit doesn't want to do something it should, a way to bring the spirit in line was to go through the action, even with the bad mood. I find it works with my workout periods, too (is that blasphemous?).

PS I'm using my especially good mood icon just for you. Do keep in mind that were I with you, I would be doing something cute, probably involving hugging, to cheer you.
I try to do as many things the C.S. Lewis approved way as possible. It was a good time, as good as I could have had.

(I'm the wrong guy to consult about blasphemous)

P.S. I thought of you when I posted this comment and audio clip. Make with the hugging already.
*happy dance* Wee! Have saved the the computer.