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Sunny Saturday

Think I prefer the workflow of this past week better than the norm— shifting bulletin finishing from Friday to Thursday made me feel as if I had more time in the week; last minute details seemed less cramped. Gave me time for quality conversation as well, something I'd been missing a great deal.

In an effort to feel like less of a delinquent friend, caught up a bit on my overfull e-mail inbox yesterday evening. Two e-mails to old Houston friends, two to Maryland, two to Michigan...symmetry is particularly elegant when unexpected. Paid some bills, too. Connor and Sara invited me to a late Denny's run, just after I had changed into the Plaid Flannel Pants of Ultimate Comfort. Decided to change back and take the plunge anyway— who can resist the allure of Moons Over My Hammy®? I confess, I did, instead ordering the French Slam as the "Freedom Slam" and thus demonstrating my commitment to ridicule in all things.

One of my late night/early morning wake-ups brought the fragments of a poem, but I haven't yet been able to do much with them with my conscious mind. Thinking I should push myself a bit more in this area if I am to grow.

Facing the sun without sunglasses is uncomfortable, somewhat painful. Will need to fix this soon.

Want more answers to this question to consider. It's important.

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