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Sunny Saturday

Think I prefer the workflow of this past week better than the norm— shifting bulletin finishing from Friday to Thursday made me feel as if I had more time in the week; last minute details seemed less cramped. Gave me time for quality conversation as well, something I'd been missing a great deal.

In an effort to feel like less of a delinquent friend, caught up a bit on my overfull e-mail inbox yesterday evening. Two e-mails to old Houston friends, two to Maryland, two to Michigan...symmetry is particularly elegant when unexpected. Paid some bills, too. Connor and Sara invited me to a late Denny's run, just after I had changed into the Plaid Flannel Pants of Ultimate Comfort. Decided to change back and take the plunge anyway— who can resist the allure of Moons Over My Hammy®? I confess, I did, instead ordering the French Slam as the "Freedom Slam" and thus demonstrating my commitment to ridicule in all things.

One of my late night/early morning wake-ups brought the fragments of a poem, but I haven't yet been able to do much with them with my conscious mind. Thinking I should push myself a bit more in this area if I am to grow.

Facing the sun without sunglasses is uncomfortable, somewhat painful. Will need to fix this soon.

Want more answers to this question to consider. It's important.


I like the freedom slam !!
I always buy the sunday paper calling it the "Charlotte Disturber" instead or Observer
the paper is only good for the ads circulars on sundays and maybe the tv guide thing but it has not been as accurate as of late. I have also found if I buy the paper about 5 pm or so they sell it for half price and that makes it better
Let me ponder that question...
Seems like the answer should be obvious, but it's not. Truth is sometimes elusive.