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Millions of peaches, peaches for me

The Presidents of the United States of America show was fun last night. Crowd was more indifferent toward the openers (Anna Oxygen and The Fitness), but got fired up when P-USA took the stage. Particularly exciting for me to see them, since it seems likely that I'll be working with some of their number in the not-too-distant future. Made for a late night, however, and combined with my current sleep patterns, there wasn't all that much sleep to be had

That same ghost from my history reared his head in conversation last night. Comes up, somehow, every time I go out for musical purposes. Every time. Without fail. Can't help but notice.

Also got more data in support of my current ADD/ADHD hypothesis.

Sounds like as I was partying with P-USA, Tennis Pro and USE were rocking a house party of their own. It's not a good house party unless the police arrive. It was a good house party.

God showed up in worship again today, and though this should never surprise me, I hope He never stops surprising me. Ben mentioned the submissions have come in for Static/Epiphany, which at once makes me excited and nervous. Caught up a bit with Robin and with Jennifer; in the course of the latter conversation, ended up signing on to help her move this evening and set up dinner before the Tennis Pro show at Second Avenue Pizza Wednesday. Going to be a busy week.

Other thoughts, you know. There always are.

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