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Battles ahead

Just finished one of the latter chapters of Wild at Heart, entitled "A Beauty to Rescue." So much is there that I can't simply select a quote that will do it justice. Nor am I able to provide a concise summary and analysis for review and reference. My mind's thoughts and heart's stirrings are wild, and my imagination fills in the gap between reality and vision with nothing less than the goodness of God. I have been created for a purpose and will not be abandoned. Because that is true, because of Christ's love, I need to stop settling for anything less.

It gives me hope for Christopher and Sara as well. The attack their marriage is under can be repelled by something as simple and complex as three truths: He needs to be a man. She needs to be a woman. They need to recognize that God is God. Plan to send both of them a copy of this book right away, with the directive to begin with that chapter, then read the rest.

It's not about the book, about them, about me. It's about Him, and His story makes all the rest fall into place. Often not quite in the places we expect, but somehow, instead, in the places we always hoped yet feared to hope.

Work today, a bit; The Presidents of the United States of America with Connor, Sara, and taci tonight. I want more time, but I don't have it. Hasn't that always been my way?

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