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I write from a public seating area at Pike Place Market, overlooking the bay. Went to the weekly men's prayer meeting for the first time this week. It's been written on my schedule an embarrassing number of times for an embarrassingly long time, but 6:30 am hasn't agreed with me until now. I'm loving the smell of fish and the view of the water, and the fact that it's the gray morning I've been missing is an added bonus.

Sounds like a ton of guys from church are looking for work: Dave, Nick, Wesley, and myself are those I know of offhand. Too bad the dotcom boom is over, because it would be fun to get together with those guys and launch into something we know nothing about. Venture capital, anyone?

I'm meeting Mark here for doughnuts (Daily Dozen Doughnut Company: best doughnuts in human history, dirt cheap, with style, and in quantity), coffee, and conversation. Every once in a while he and I have these brief doughnut retreats, ever since he and Winter introduced me to their simple, magnificent deliciousness last year. Always a good time and one I have been looking forward to.

I'm also testing the offline function of Phoenix with this post. It's amazing how fast and well this client has been developed (many kudos), especially after such a crappy predecessor in the old Mac LJ client. Of course, I'll be backing the entry up in Word, but that's in part because the LJ system has been temperamental and frustrating recently.

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