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Walked in the rain tonight. It suited me.

The days have been strange. Less and less sleep; more and more nocturnal. Had trouble remembering whether it was Tuesday or Saturday yesterday. Something unreal about everything, like a waking dream.

USE rocked Chop Suey last night. Phil bought a couple of rounds of social lubricant after I bailed him out for not having the cash for cover. A former student recognized me out of the blue; enjoyed the look of surprise when he learned that his ex-residence hall director is now a record label partner.

If you're in Seattle, you should come see Tennis Pro at The Bad JuJu Lounge tomorrow (10ish, 21+, no cover). If you're near Portland, check out USE at The Blackbird tomorrow (10 pm, 21+, cover unknown). You'll be happy.

Put on my old red jacket tonight. It suited me, too.


"social lubricant" hehe
I'm not surprised that you're feeling more and more surreal if you're getting less and less sleep. Hope it doesn't make you sick eventually. Have you considered herbal sleep tablets? Apparently they are very good altho' I've never used them.

I've been having a little trouble sleeping through the night lately but nothing like the trouble you're having. Hope it all calms down soon. :)


Thankfully (?), I've not been tired as a result. Something is changing in my rhythms; for what purpose and duration are open for speculation.

Thanks for your hopes for me.