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The rest

At Victrola, watched a long-haired, bespectacled young woman practicing chess alone, studying a book of strategy, moving her pawn with great deliberation. What's so attractive about this?

Mulling over seeing Rosie Thomas and Damien Jurado at Graceland tonight. Certain it'll be good, and I'd be with friends (John and Nate), yet also feel a crunch of time, a longing for margin. Play it by ear, so to speak. Connor also wants to get together tonight, but thinking tomorrow would be better for me. Maybe we could catch Sole Moxie (another Nate's band) at The Central. When did I get this social and hip? Must be the record label.

Snowed here yesterday. Unexpected, but not the end of the world— sometimes it snows in April.

Life without television continues to be quieter and more focused.

I notice patterns, even if I don't say anything. Sometimes it just isn't time for me to speak.
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