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Why Dilbert never had a gun

Let's start out with the following contextual reality: I'm spoiled, impatient, and didn't get much sleep.

That being said, I've been frustrated over and over today, and we haven't even hit 13:00. A paper order from yesterday that I needed this morning hasn't arrived, thought it would have done little good, because they also got it wrong. Arrived to find a ministerial candidate (who isn't part of our church and who grates on my nerves) waiting at the doorstep for an exam of which I wasn't informed. The exam was proctored by a campus minister (who also isn't a member of our church, though we support him and he's a great guy) who arrived late and brought along his two year old son. The Session is micromanaging projects they dropped the ball on (otherwise I wouldn't be trying to jumpstart them) while their actions/inactions in other areas now threaten to bring legal action on the church. Phil's phone has been shut off for an unpaid bill and I can't get access to pay it online, so I'll need to put it on my own credit card. And none of these were the things I'd hoped to accomplish this morning.

And that being said— big deal. They're mostly just inconveniences and mostly out of my control, so I can mostly just cope, deal, and move on. None of this is the end of the world (I have a frame of reference for that).

Now to wait for my temper to be bridled by logic and the truth...

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