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36 hours or so

Missed my usual morning journalling because I was working on assignments for the job I interviewed for earlier this week. That's the first job I've applied for in a long time that had homework as part of the process, and it was kind of cool-- I had to write a couple of memos and proof some copy. Instead of mailing it back, I dropped it off in person downtown earlier today. Ironic: the agency does much of its work in direct mail, and I sidestep the post office entirely.

Yesterday I also got a job lead with my church. They're looking for a new office administrator. It may not be that great of a fit for me, and the pay could be lower than what I'm hoping for, but I'm going in Monday to talk about it in an "exploratory interview" setting (in my book, that still means a tie).

I had a tough IM conversation with Christopher yesterday evening. He and Sara basically haven't communicated with anyone here in Seattle since they moved to Madison (a month ago tomorrow). I get constantly asked if I've heard from them and how they're doing, and the fact is, they've been out of touch with everyone by choice. Chris confirmed this last night, saying that he wanted "goodbyes to be goodbyes" and planned to wait before reinitiating with Seattle friends. They weren't in touch with me for a couple of weeks either, and I had to initiate with him via IM. Long story slightly less long: I told Chris that while I love him, I also think he's acting like a self-absorbed jerk. I'll stand by him-- he's done the same for me when I've (frequently) acted that way-- but I'm no friend at all if I'm too cowardly to bring my opinion to his attention.

This afternoon I had lunch with Nate at Six Arms. He's a great guy and it was good to reconnect. He's kind of hurt by the aforementioned "radio silence" from the Johnsons, and we talked about that a while. He's off to California for a 2+ week vacation, but I'm hopeful that he and I can get together more frequently when he returns.

Sheryl just got booted. Who knew?

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