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Written longhand, typed slowly

Looking forward to taking in a little swing with Casey McGill and His Blue 4 at Victrola, but things seem terribly slow, with a pile of gear stacked beside a table and not a band member in view. Shows are often like this, yet when I left a bit late to see Sondre Lerche at Sonic Boom for a scheduled show, I arrived to find a packed house, a line out the door, and a performance underway. Should give up on predicting things.

Writing on a notepad because I wasn't in the mood to lug the old iBook around— especially if I didn't end up using it. Daily life provides enough exercises in futility without strapping another one over my shoulder.

Work was unusually non-futile (dare I say productive?) today, partially a result of having the office to myself for much of the day. Been a poor "people person" of late. I'd prefer to work in my own space and stride than to be sidetracked into another hour-long rehash of the same conversation with our intern. Even when we are all working quietly in our respective corners, I find myself distracted simply by the presence of others. Others. I'd rather pick my own others, thanks much.

Seriously considering abstaining from television for Lent (watching it, not being on it). Would free a lot of time for God, and its absence would be a ready reminder of His presence. Never observed Lent in this way before; it seems a helpful discipline, rightly understood.

[P.S. Read this entry on my friends list when I got home. Amen, lifeofbrian and wankle– I hate that word.]

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