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A true day off

Haven't left my apartment yet today, but the day has had a good share of laughter in place of the depression or doldrums that often invade my days off. I'd attribute my good spirits to the joy of shopping for decorative throws, but I think I'd be leaving something critical out of the equation.

Rested up for much of the afternoon. Tonight is the Tennis Pro show at The Crocodile— our premiere event for B-Side Records. My insomnia may come in handy, as it might be a late night. No word from Jesse, so I'm assuming I'm on my own for the evening.

Prayers are being answered, even if the paths ahead aren't simpler or easier. Where there are chasms, may we seek His wings.

P.S. Today I heard Q13 Meterologist Walter Kelly start a weather report with the phrase, "Yo, yo, yo!"

P.P.S. This X-Files episode is set in Boone County, North Carolina.
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