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More sleeplessness

At least I have the day off today.


I hope the day off will rejuvenate you! God bless you!
It was...thank you, Gary!
At least I have the day off today.

Heh, me too!
How did it go?
It was great, thanks.

Too bad I had to play hooky from work in order to have it. *sighs*

Hope your day off went well! :)
Oh, I nearly forgot this belated message:

Day off for a snow day? Haha... my sister's on her second day off.
She lives in Texas.
Doesn't make much sense, I know. But the ice is there, and she's toasty warm inside. Hope your day was good too.
Happy belated birthday from a strictly LJ friend.
Tuesdays are my usual days off from work. I went to college in Texas, so I know how snow or ice can paralyze down there. Thanks for the birthday wishes, my friend.