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Though I would surely be hated in my city for saying so, I'd really enjoy a gray, rainy day or two. I'm not complaining (far from it); that would just be a nice change of pace. And a good thunderstorm like we had in the Midwest would rock indeed.

My thoughts drifted back to Upward Bound at Central College for a bit. Good summers, on the whole, both as a young student and later as a teacher. I grew up and learned much in both roles. Something about those summers was magical, as if the real world was on a break-- or better still, as if the curtain of the mundane world was drawn back for a time to reveal the real real world. Silly dances, sweet romances, deepening friendships, hugs and healthy doses (and Doses!) of laughter. Life, pure and concentrated. I think much of who I truly am can be discerned from those summers.

Yesterday's interview went pretty well, I think. I had a good time in any event, and I have some exercises in copyediting and the like to submit by Thursday. It could be a good placed to work if I fit.

Started reading C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain. Quoted it yesterday but haven't actually read the book. I'd finished two books I was reading earlier in the week, so it was time to add something else to the reading queue.