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Prep for a slice of walkabout

Going to go in a bit to try to shake the pit-of-my-stomach paralysis I seem to suffer on Saturdays. More than the other six, Saturdays have been the days I'd like the world to end. Spent the morning flipping aimlessly and hungrily through webpages. What I'm looking for isn't there; neither is it accomplishing any of the work to do. So soon I'll trudge to the office, pay some bills, and long for relief.

Be still, my soul. Why won't you be still?


I used to get depressed on Friday afternoons because I knew another long, lonely, boring weekend without enough distractions from myself was coming up.

Fortunately I know have my sister, niece and nephew living in Brisbane and that's filled in a lot of gaps.
I think Saturdays get me in part because I can't (partially) bury my thoughts and heart in work, yet there's usually some work to do to prepare for Sunday. Makes for a bit of a nasty sandwich.