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Twice in the past twenty-four hours, my senses have felt almost completely overwhelmed. In both cases, people were part of the overstimulation, but different people who, on the surface, had no common thread. After it happened last night, I had to turn off every single light and sound in my home and simply lie down and pray to regain my composure. When it happened today, it was almost like I'd blown a fuse. Getting things done here at work since has been challenging.

Further diagnostic reflection, however, leads me to one commonality between two of the (otherwise unrelated) individuals present: both have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), as well as comorbidity with other learning disabilities. Considering my own mental capabilities, limits, and patterns of late, it's possible that my exposure to these friends, especially for more than a couple of hours, is more difficult for me to handle than under other circumstances. It's a hypothesis, anyway, though one I'm not eager to test with my sanity for confirmation.

May get my test anyway, or another one— Community Group is tonight, and being in conversation with that many people at once for a couple of hours is a daunting prospect. I'm a bit of a mess.


Thanks for the A.D.H.D. link...I'm going to check it out. You helped me without realizing it. It isn't always easy since I have A.D.H.D. and must take medicine to control it. Blah!
When I was a Child they said I had ADHD but I think the doctor was wrong and that I have Asperger's sysndrom instead. I tend to grate of other nerves so your hypothsis is most likely correct that the others affect you in maybe a negitive way.
I've been a lot more sensitive lately to all kinds of things, so dealing with a lot more sensory input can overwhelm me. Thankfully, (in this case at least) it's not that my friends get on my nerves, but that my nerves are fried and oversensitive.