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Just got a call from Ben, my friend who edits Static/Epiphany (the literary 'zine I contribute to). Weeks ago, I'd shared with him one of my journal entries as a sample of another kind of writing I do. He was taken with the idea, and soon proposed that the next issue be comprised of journal entries from contributing writers, written by our own hands. As of this morning, the concept has shifted again— to me. Instead of being all journal entries, the theme for the next issue will be the entry I sent to Ben. It'll be circulated among the writers, and they'll be asked to write on anything that rises from their reading of it. My entry will close the issue.

Feeling at once honored and exposed. These authors will be working from a snapshot of my life, extracting thoughts, emotions, themes, or whatever strikes them. My heart is in there, bright and dark. And the longer I sit, the more that realization sinks in and the more afraid I become. Yet curiosity compels me as well. What will strangers make of a glimpse into my strange life?

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