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Sleepless in Seattle: The Sequel

My old habit of sleeping in three to four hour shifts seems to have returned.


hahaha me too. it's uh 2:39amam here and this is the 3rd time I have been awake since I went to bed. *sigh*
You too? I'm shocked.
Shouldn't be jet lag in your case. So what could it be?
Filed under "Strange things about being banzai."
Ugh, I hate that. Happens to me too, and it's annoying as all [bleep].

You have my sympathy. I'd also offer you a good solid conk over the head come bedtime, but I'd doubt you'd appreciate that too much. ^_~
There's part of me that's used to it– it's served a purpose in the past, sometimes still does, and likely will again.
yikes.. that can't be healthy.